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Art Like That

Bird Sanctuary Fabrics. A Designer Fabric Collection By Art Like That.

Bird Sanctuary Fabrics. A Designer Fabric Collection By Art Like That.

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Step into a floral Bird Sanctuary where modernity meets tradition, embodied in a captivating fabric adorned with hues of Blue, Pink, and Yellow. Created in collaboration with artist Mary-Jane, this exclusive design, hand-painted in watercolours, is a unique designed fabric available only here on Art Like That.

From the timeless appeal of Linen to the versatility of Silk Cotton and Cotton Linen Canvas, and the comfort of Silk Modal, to the luxurious, Cashmere  Modal, Organic Cotton Hemp, Silk Habotai, and  the very useful Wide Cotton sateen, our fabrics cater to every preference and project.


Blue = 12"Repeat.  The Bird is approx. 4.5" long x 3.00"  tall. inches. The largest flower is approximately 1.25" tall x 1.25" wide.

Pink = 30" Repeat.  The bird is approx.  2.5" long and 2.25 inches tall. The largest flower is 3.00" x 3.00. The smallest design  in scale.

Yellow = 12" Repeat. The Bird is approx 4.5" long x 3.00". tall. The largest flower is 3.00 x 3.25 inches.

Scroll below to witness how these fabrics come to life when expertly sewn in various styles.

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