Art Licensing

Licensing is available for some of my watercolours, if you are interested you can contact me with your proposal.  

I specialize in loose florals only.

I offer transparent art work.

High resolution art 300 - 600 dpi.

View my artwork for licensing on my instagram @artlikethat, some exceptions may apply.

You can license a full painting or elements or both.

My artwork can be created into a repeat pattern. I would have to charge for the time it takes to create a pattern and then an agreement would have to be signed for the licensing of the pattern depending on what it is used for and how long it is needed.

All artwork can have a colour change created at an extra cost.

The price for my artwork depends on each individual piece, how much detail is in the artwork and depends on the time it takes to create the finished product for licensing.

The time it takes to get a piece of art ready for licensing varies  depending on the artwork itself and the detail of the artwork.

A binding contract will be necessary to complete the licensing collaboration.

In certain instances upon a written agreement I may sell the copyright to a piece but for most of my work the copyright remains with me the artist.

If you have any questions or need more information please get in touch with me by email.




Coco and Peluche

Specializing in beautiful baby Minky soft blankets.  Floral, animal and fruit designs.