Spring is near, see what colours that will be popular in 2024.


Pantone colour for the year of 2024 is Fuzzy Peach

In spring 2024, the colour trends for HOME DECOR are expected to emphasize a soothing and refreshing atmosphere. Soft pastel shades like mint green, blush pink, and light lavender are anticipated to be popular choices, bringing a sense of tranquility and serenity to living spaces. Additionally, earthy tones such as terracotta and muted olive green are forecasted to make a strong presence, connecting interior spaces with nature and creating a grounded ambiance. Furthermore, pops of bold and vibrant colour like deep teal or mustard yellow may be incorporated as accent hues to add energy and personality to rooms. Overall, the colour palettes for spring 2024 are geared toward creating calming and inviting environments that reflect a connection to the natural world.

In spring 2024, fashion colour trends are projected to showcase a refreshing and optimistic palette. Pastel shades such as soft lavender, powder blue, and pale lemon are anticipated to dominate runways, evoking a sense of lightness and airiness. Earthy tones like sage green and terracotta are also expected to make a statement, reflecting a connection to nature and sustainability. Additionally, bold, saturated colours like vibrant coral and electric blue may pop up as accent hues, adding a playful and energetic touch to fashion ensembles. Overall, the colour trends for spring 2024 in fashion are poised to offer a harmonious blend of calming pastels, earthy tones, and lively accents, embodying a spirit of renewal and positivity in style.


I hope this helps in your new year decorating for 2024.

Bring on Spring!


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