Why buy original art?


 I created a variety of  watercolour wreaths, roses, simple flowers, flowers in a vase  and single flowers to create a botanical wall of art in your home. Why though should you buy original art?

 Forever beautiful, watercolour rose painting by Art Like That!


It's easy to just go to your local home store and buy art but it is very impersonal in a way. It might fill the spot on your wall but when you buy from an artist you are buying the artists personal expression directly from them. I believe it enriches a persons life.  So many things in life have become artificial but connecting to something real is important in our lives. 

Art becomes something that will become part of your life and will last longer than other material things you might have and possibly the art can be around for generations.  When you consider an original piece of art lasts for 100 -200 years  and may be passed down to your children and grandchildren you start to see that for the amount of this one item it is worth the initial investment.

My art is obviously not not sold for hundreds and hundreds at this time but I have spent a lot of time on each painting and put myself into creating something beautiful. The end result is because of the hours and hours I have spent  creating, practicing, researching and making mistakes.

In the end if you purchase one of my paintings, you and I connect and I have created something for you that I hope delights you for a long time.

Have an awesome week !




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