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Floral art is my passion as you can see from my website.  I don't think anyone gets sick and tired of beautiful flowers do you?  I can't think of a better way to spend my life drawing, painting and designing with flowers. Of course you will also see that some plain items are included and some abstract designs these enhance and work wonderfully with my floral designs.  I just joined up with TikTok recently and I am really enjoying it.  There you will see other pieces of art I have created  and get a little more about what is new before I launch products. I would love it if you joined me. My  Tik Tok is  simply artlikethat. If you haven't already checked out my instagram you will see even more watercolour paintings and other  little parts of my life  that tell my story, you can stop in and see me on instagram  @artlikethatmj here is still more fun I offer, if you like to paint then you can paint along with me on you tube.  Under artlikethat.

I am looking forward to the summer as I am sure you are too.  As I am a mad gardener I just can't wait. Here are a few photos of the flowers from my garden last year that has inspired some of my work. 

 Pink peony by art like that

Pink Rose from my garden

I hope you will join me on my other sites and if you are gardeners I would love to  see your garden pictures.  I hope you have a good week!! 


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