My Exciting New Exclusive Organic Natural Fabrics Launching Soon. See What They Are.

I am so excited to bring a new collection of fabrics with hand painted watercolour designs that I have been working very hard on.  I wanted to create a unique exclusive collection that  you can purchase  to make truly one of a kind  items for your home or for your wardrobe.   So if you are a seamstress, couture designer or just love to sew unique things for yourself, you will be able to get beautiful fabrics from my collection.

The Fabrics are super high quality and of course they are available in florals that I have created with watercolour.  The fabrics are are all organic natural fabrics like 100% cotton made from the fruit of the cotton plant. Linen fibres, harvested from the long stocks of the flax plant. Our most luxurious fabric is Silk is a natural protein fibre, cultivated from the cocoon of the silkworm. Organic cotton Hemp feels similar in weight and structure to quilting cotton, but has a lovely composition and tighter weave. Modal is a unique, semi-natural fibre that is cultivated from the pulp of the beechwood tree. Cashmere,This luxurious natural fibre originates in the fur of the kashmiri goat, which makes it very soft. So these fabrics are beautiful and of the highest quality.

Some of my fabrics are a mix of natural substances  Listed below.

Cotton Silk which is  52" wide and is made up of 75% Cotton and 25% Silk. The weight is 3.35 oz per meter.

 Linen-Cotton Canvas which is 57" wide and is 68% Cotton and 32% Linen. The weight is 9.8oz.

 The Silk Modal is 85% Beechwood Modal and 15% silk and is  52" wide. the weight is 3.35 oz. 

Our Linen is 52" wide and is made up of 55% cotton and 45% linen.  The weight is 4.93oz.

Organic Hemp is 54" wide and id made up of 76% organic cotton and 24% Hemp. the weight is 5.29oz.

Silk Habotai is 52" wide and is 100% Silk. The weight is 3.17oz

Cashmere Modal is 52" wide and is made up of 85% Modal and 15% Cashmere. The weight is 3.35oz.

Wide Cotton Sateen which is  94.5"  wide and is made up of 100% cotton. The weight is 4.58oz.

 So these fabrics are beautiful and of the highest quality as you can see.

I hope you  will stop by  when I launch my fabrics very soon watch for the launch date.

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